The aim of the project is to improve the skills of the partners in developing training courses on dance as a tool for social inclusion. Through both practical and theoretical dance training, it is intended to create an innovative model of dialogue and encounter between people from different cultures.

The project activity consists mainly of a theoretical and practical training course on dance as a bridge of dialogue between different cultures. The theoretical course will take place in Ireland and will address the history and culture of dance as a tool for social inclusion, with particular reference to the history of lindy hop. The activity will be a 5-day practical, beginners’ course in Italy involving partners and Indian communities in dance classes

The project intends to provide two training courses on the practice of dance as a tool for social inclusion: a theoretical one in which 6 people will be involved, and a practical one in which the Indian community of Terracina (RM) will be involved.

Furthermore, an e-learning will be produced, available online on the partners’ websites, which will allow all interested users to download training material on the history of dance as a practice of encounter and dialogue between different cultures


Project Partners:

  • Teach Solais Community Development CLG – Ireland

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