Rétro association is proud to annouce the first Art -sport community created by implementing the know how discussed during the learning activities held in Italy last December.

Therefore, since 1st March we launched  a lindy hop dance course with the aim yo involve local communities of disadvantage people. In order to do that we seeked cooperation with local association , in order to involve young people in lindy hop dance classes in order to share emotions, be positive, interact to one another and be included in our society.

The project involves 2 hours dancing classes followed by social dance to put into practice the steps lernt during the lessons.

About the project

ART-SPORT HYBRID COMMUNITY is a strategic partnership in youth in international partnership with organizations from 5 European countries ( Romania, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Belgium). This project aims to promote social inclusion and cultural consumption among disadvantaged young people from the partners countries through knowledge cooperation and synergies between youth, sports, and cultural and creative organizations from 5 partner countries.

The cultural-creative sectors and sports are important drivers in terms of their economic contribution and employment. They stimulate not only economic development but also social development, through the benefits they produce on people but especially for marginalized or vulnerable groups.

Start: 01-06-2021 – End: 30-06-2022


Project Reference:

EU Grant: 44.386,00 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Partnerships for Creativity

Project coordinator:

Hybrid Sport- Romania


Project Partners:

  • NGO NEST BERLIN EV –  Germany
  • Teach Solais Community Development CLG – Ireland
  • Cirque et arts en liberté – Belgium


Project TOPICs: